Why buy Cretan Olive Oil?

Why buy Cretan Olive Oil?

... Because it's probably the best in the world! It has a wonderful taste that's fruity and grassy - you can drink it by the spoonful - really!  And so you should - for the amazing health benefits - just listen to Radio 4's Just One Thing

The first time I saw my husband taste the olive oil by drinking a spoonful, I thought he was crazy.  I guess having a tradition of eating and cooking with animal fat, and yes, I used to love bread and dripping, I couldn't understand drinking something I only thought of as a frying medium.  He looked at my crumpled face and said - 'it's a fruit oil!  It's falvouring!' .  I now know that if my cooking isn't quite as tasty as I want it - just add more olive oil.

And as for Cretan oil - did you know that the Cretans have been squeezing for 5,000 Years?

Or that there are 30-40 million olive trees in Crete?

To read more about it see my page about Cretan Olive Oil and the ones we have brought from Crete to send to you


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