Why Cretan Olive Oil?




Incomparable Taste

Because it's considered the best in the world.  It has an incomparable taste and aroma due to the special characteristics of the soil, the strong sunlight and the dry climate.  Olive oil has been produced in Crete for 5,000 years, since the time of the Minoans, the first civilisation in Europe

Lowest Acidity

With 30-40 million olive trees, the island is one big olive grove.  95% of the oil is naturally 'Extra Virgin' ie has a very low acidity.  Other oil producing countries import Cretan Olive Oil in order to improve theirs, by reducing its acidity 

Our Single Estate Kolymvari PDO Olive Oil

One of the oldest living olive trees, 3000 years old, . can be found in the village of Vouves, near Kolymvari on the north-west coast.  This area is so renowned for its olive oil that it has PDO status.  We often drive along this coast to get to one of our favourite spots on the island, Falassarna.  As you whizz along the road the thick plantations of olive trees look like a glittering sea of silver - it's a wonderful sight

Our Organic Olive Oil

A delicious fine example of Cretan fruity, grassy and peppery oil

Great Taste Awards

Both of our Borakis oils have been commended by the Great Taste Awards for exceptional flavour

Abea - the oldest commercial olive oil enterprise in Greece

Since 1889 Abea has been producing Extra Virgin Olive Oil from its co-operative in Xania, Crete.  If you have ever been to that beautiful city, you may well have noticed its distinctive chimney right on the seafront.  The oil is so tasty that we've included it in our collection