Unprocessed, raw, single-source honey - straight from the hive to you#



Most commercial honey sitting on supermarket shelves is heat-treated for increased shelf-life, or mixed with cheaper sugar or corn-syrups to reduce its price.

Heat treatment and filtration processes removes much of the pollen and nutrients in the honey.  The polyphenols and flavonoids in honey are potent antioxidants and anti-inflammatories which studies have shown to lower the risk of heart disease and certain cancers.*
The families we work with in Crete just strain the honey to remove any foreign bodies before bottling and sending to you.

'Pure' versus 'Raw'

'Pure' honey doesn't mean that it hasn't been heat-treated.  It means that it hasn't been diluted by other sugary syrups.

Crystallisation is good!

Raw honey tends to crystallise faster than regular honey as it is still high in pollen.  Just warm the jar in a bowl of warm water and give a stir.

Single Source

We work with small family businesses in Crete, who we know personally.  We can totally guarantee the source and quality of our honey

Cretan Mountain Honey - Papadakis Family - Therisso, Crete

Father and sons of the Papadakis Family
The Papadakis family's bees have been grazing the White Mountain slopes since 1840.  Their hives are really special being situated at high altitude - 1600m above sea level.  The family specialise in rare and exquisite honey from white and red thyme pollen and that of more than 65 herbs


Cretan Organic Thyme Honey - Fylladitakis Family - Kakodiki, Crete

The Fylladitakis family's bees graze on their private and unspoilt hillside - rich in flora and unspoilt by tourism or residential development.  The area is far from other cultivation and pesticides, which together with the intense sunshine, dry climate and crystal waters of the Kakodiki river, produces this intensely aromatic Organic Honey
*  https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/raw-honey-vs-regular